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We'd like to introduce you to TipStart

TipStart is about building professional relationships that would not have otherwise existed. We help organisations and underrepresented graduates find each other, in a world where equal opportunity is crowded out by privilege. Together, we are making the world of work fairer.

There are three main users in the TipStart community


are employers wanting to reach more candidates from diverse backgrounds. They register and pay a monthly subscription to take part. They provide TipSters and receive opportunities to mentor students who may not have otherwise known about the work they do.


are employees of organisations. They register and are matched with TipStarters. They provide careers advice and support and receive insights into the barriers to entry in their industry.


are students or recent university graduates seeking employment. They register and are matched with TipSters. They receive careers advice and support and provide insights into the barriers they face in entering the industries they want to work in.

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If you are a Company looking to make your place of work a better place, or a student at University who needs a coach in your corner.

What do we do?

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Create Networks

Build partnerships and pursue collaboration with relevant and influential graduate employers in focus industries.

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Develop Careers

Host a platform that initiates and supports high-quality connections between top employers in focus industries and graduates from non-privileged backgrounds.

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Foster Learning

Promote and publish helpful and informative content about job opportunities, hiring processes, and early career development within focus industries.

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Our mission is to eliminate the influence of bias and power

Getting a job without help from personal connections shouldn't be hard. But it is.
The graduate recruitment market favours individuals from privileged socio-economic backgrounds who have pre-existing professional contacts, mentors and champions.

Recruiting diverse talent shouldn't be hard. But it is. Organisations want to hire a more diverse workforce, but lack the tools to do so. Current mentoring and diversity recruitment programmes cannot scale to meet the demand that exists.

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Spend time effecting change, not completing forms

Organisations, TipSters and TipStarters can register and create profiles within our app in minutes. An algorithm continuously pairs TipStarters with TipSters who can help them. Once matched, TipStarters and TipSters can chat with each other, access programme resources and speak to members of the TipStart team, making it easier than ever before to build a meaningful mentoring relationship with a stranger.

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We tip the balance, at scale

By reducing the burden for individual people and organisations to take part, TipStart can enable more meaningful connections to be formed and affect industry-wide change. While organisations can reach candidates from more diverse backgrounds, university students from non-privileged backgrounds are more likely to find the right opportunities and succeed in selection processes.

Become a TipStart Student Ambassador for your Uni

Getting a job without help from personal connections shouldn't be hard. But it is.

By becoming an ambassador, you can help change this broken system. The more of your university friends and colleagues that sign up to become TipStarters, the more change we can deliver. Together.

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