Getting TipStarted

TipStart was founded in May 2020 at a time when a break in business as usual gave us more time to reflect on how little progress had actually been made on diversity. However uncomfortable, more of us began to accept where we hadn't done enough to help our neighbours, friends and colleagues facing discrimination, prejudice and racism.

The premise was simple: people and organisations want to make a difference on diversity, but having impact as an individual is hard and time consuming. So we created a programme that was accessible, low-burden and centred in a model of community.

A illustration of the globe with graphic pins on the UK, Iraq and Kenya, so show where TipStart Team have lived.

The original team - we called ourselves the 'Original TipSters' or ‘OTs’ - was made up of six people: Sam, Zakiy, Eleanor, Isaac, Rich and Angus. Over three months, the OTs grew TipStart from a Keynote slide deck to a fully functioning platform that could host our programme. In the next six months we grew our user numbers from 0 to 400 and were recognised with the UK Government’s Young Innovators Award.

And we did all this as the world shut its doors, to keep COVID-19 out. The team only met for the first time in October - 5 months after we’d got started.

At the end of the first year, as feedback and user experiences were flooding our inboxes, we took the decision to pause and have a re-think. We’d had a brilliant and wild year bringing TipStart to life. But we knew there was more we could achieve. We want TipStart to help hundreds of thousands of people, not just hundreds. So over a 12-month period we took coding lessons, bought a whiteboard and built a new web application that makes TipStart truly scalable.

A photograph of five of the Original TipSters at the moment they meet in real life for the first time.

The current team

Like our model, TipStart's team has changed. Say hello to the current team and our fictional alter egos:
Headshot of Amy Fallon one of the core TipStart team members.


Chief Impact Officer

A social researcher trying to create change in the humanitarian and development sector.

Much like Princess Leia she is dedicated to ending the tyranny of the empire and keeping the boys in check.

A headshot of Angus Elsby the COO and Co-Founder of TipStart.


Co-Founder / COO

A consultant to foundations, nonprofits and governments, Angus gets data and is always working on a plan to deliver process improvement.

Think Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption, only less tunnelling and more social impact.

A headshot of Richard Hargrave the Head of Product and co-founder of TipStart.


Co-Founder / Head of Product

A designer of brands, adverts, websites and apps… pretty much anything he can get his hands on.

Has been often been compared to Edna for his love of function and beauty, not so much for the hair.

A headshot of Samuel Nicholls the CEO and Co-Founder of TipStart.


Co-Founder / CEO

A Diplomat who loves new tech, meeting people and puzzling over public policy.

Shares Gustave H’s passion for customers and leadership, not his love of elderly women and tradition.

Product roadmap

We have been working on our web app for over a year. Here is what it can do now, and what it will do in the future.

Available Now

Access to talent

Roughly 60,000 new TipStarters are ready to join the labour market every year. Our app is your organisation’s portal to this talent, which we capture through our student outreach and university partnerships.

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Available Now

Data-led matches

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Available Now

10-minute sign up

an icon of a book for guidance

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Our 6-month programme structure is designed to help users make the most of their new relationships.

An icon of a star to show feedback with in the app

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Real-time feedback

Organisations using our platform can see how well their TipSters and TipStarters are getting on, in real-time. We keep in touch, throughout the programme, to understand what is working and what isn't.

An Icon showing a network of people.

Due 2023

TipStart Community

The TipStart app and programme are just the start of the TipStart story. We're building an online space for users that graduate from the TipStart programme and have more to give, or more to gain.

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Due 2023

Data trends

We want TipStart to change the way that organisations hire and retain staff. In the future, we will provide data insights into the experiences of our users, to inform organisation policies.

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Due 2024

End-to-end mobile application