Frequently asked questions to help you get an answer as quickly as possible. If your specific Q isn't here then don't worry you can always message us.

Q. I love the TipStart concept, but am not sure how I fit in.

There are three main users in the TipStart community: TipSters, TipStarters and organisations. Organisations sign up and nominate up to 10 employees as TipSters, who are then matched with TipStarters. TipSters provide tips and insights to their TipStarter over the course of a 6-month programme. In the below FAQs, we go into more detail about who can become a TipSter and TipStarter. But if you’re still not sure, drop us an email: admin@TipStart.org. We’d love to have you involved.

Q. How can I become a TipSter?

In order to become a TipSter you need to be nominated by an organisation that has signed up to TipStart, be based in the UK and be over the age of 18.

Q. I would like my organisation to sign up to TipStart, can I register them?

Yes, you can register an organisation in the TipStart web app (expected launch July 2022), as long as you have permission to commit to the £299 p/m fee on behalf of your organisation. Typically, we would expect an organisation to sign up to TipStart through their HR or senior management team. You will need to set up a repeating monthly payment before completing your registration, so make sure you have access to a company card or are able to expense the cost before starting. A member of our team will always be available to support your internal pitch to colleagues, to kick- off the sign up process.

Q. How can I become a TipStarter?

In order to become a TipStarter you need to register and create a personal profile in the TipStart web app (expected launch July 2022). But, not everyone can become a TipStarter (sorry).

Q. How do I know if I’m eligible to become a TipStarter?

You should sign up as a TipStarter if you are looking to build your professional network, learn more about your employment options or improve your understanding of how a particular professional industry works. To be a TipStarter, you must:

1. be aged 18 or over;

2. currently live in the UK;

3. have completed your first year of university; and

4. meet at least one of our eligibility criteria:
i. Asian/Asian British Background
ii. Black/African/Caribbean/Black British Background
iii. Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Group Background
iv. Other Minority Ethnic Group Background
v. Identify as LGBT+
vi. Consider myself to have a disability
vii. Consider myself to be or have been a looked after child
viii. Consider myself to be or have been a young carer
ix. Aged 11 received free school meals
x. First member of family to study at university

Q. I am currently living outside the UK, but am a UK resident, am I eligible?

We currently only allow individuals that are based in the UK to take part in TipStart, but this might change in future. You can stay up to date on all things TipStart by reading our blog - available on our homepage - and by following us on Instagram.

Q. I completed my undergraduate degree outside of the UK but I now live here, am I eligible?

Yes, you can take part in TipStart if you currently live in the UK. If you are planning to leave the UK soon, just bear in mind that the organisations using TipStart are UK-based and it may be more useful to network with organisations based wherever you are planning to move.

Q. My organisation has offered me the chance to become a TipSter. How much time do I have to commit?

The TipStart programme is specifically designed to be a low time burden. It’s about building a relationship organically and sharing information, but there is a basic structure to follow (set out in our monthly guide series that you will gain access to if you become a TipSter). The programme structure demands no more than 4 hours per month (around 1 hour per week). It’s up to you to make it work with your schedule.

Q. Is any mandatory training needed to become a TipSter?

No, as a TipSter you’ve already got a range of valuable insights and experiences to share, while the programme structure has plenty of ideas for what to talk about and how to use your time with your TipStarter. Just be mindful that what you think is useful may be different to what your TipStarter thinks is useful. We suggest using your early conversations to properly understand your TipStarter’s objectives . Don't forget you can draw on your own professional network if your TipStarter has questions you don’t know the answers to.

Q. How do I access the TipStart app? Do I download it from the App Store?

The TipStart App is not ready to access just yet, but when it is (launch expected July 2022), it will be a web app and so should be accessed through your browser in the first instance. You will be able to access the app from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Q. Once I register, how long will it take for me to be matched?

To run the TipStart Programme we need to match you with the right person, but we can’t always guarantee that the right people will sign up at the right time. This means there might be a delay after you sign up, but we offer more than just our programme. Remember to check out our Instagram for blogs, job opportunities and other helpful career insights while we find you a match.

Q. What should I do if the person I’m matched with doesn’t respond?

If you’re a TipSter, speak to your organisation’s representative (the person who signed your organisation up for TipStart). The programme structure encourages weekly interaction, so if it's been more than a couple of weeks without a response, flag this to your representative.

If you’re a TipStarter, speak to a member of the TipStart team. You can send us a message through the chat within the app. People are busy, and there’s usually a perfectly good reason why a TipSter might not have responded for a while. But, if you let us know, we can look into it for you.