TipStart Pricing

TipStart is and always will be free for TipStarters to take part, since our mission is to eliminate the influence of bias and power in graduate recruitment. Organisations pay a small monthly subscription to take part.



per team
each month

  • Reaches candidates from non-privileged backgrounds
  • Levels the playing field in hiring processes
  • Contributes to social mobility (find out why)
  • Provides a valuable learning and development opportunity to staff



per company
each month

  • Expensive suits
  • Often no guarantees on diversity
  • Fancy coffee machines
  • Provides no benefit to staff

*Calculated by assuming an industry-standard recruiter fee of 15% of a starting salary of £24,000 for three hires, divided monthly.

Referral Tokens

Spread the word. Get £100 voucher. Easy.

We built our app to make TipStart a brilliant experience for our users. But it was also about being able to reach everyone that could benefit from our service. To do that, we need your help. If you sign your organisation up to TipStart, or are registered as a TipSter, you will find a unique TipStart Referral Token in your profile page on our app. Share it. Far and wide. Because for every organisation that signs up with your Token's code, you receive £100 in Amazon vouchers. That could quite quickly become your Christmas shopping sorted.